CMCC 5G Corner

2023-02-27 |

Integrated Innovation Presents Remarkable Opportunities for ICT Industry and Society as a Whole

Fifty years after the invention of the mobile phone, digital transformation is creating new opportunities for the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry to continue to contribute to social and economic development around the world. Integration and collaboration are the key, according to Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile.

Mr. Yang has identified three key areas where he expects integrated innovation to advance society and drive growth for the industry in the near future.

Integrating information and energy innovation

Throughout history, access to information has shaped society. Communications has advanced from spoken and written language to the telegraph and telephone of the industrial age, to the modern data technology of the information age. Society is now ushering in a new era characterized by the integrated development of information and energy systems. “As information is now integrated into the process of energy conversion and usage, the fusion of “Watts×Bits” has been triggered,” Mr. Yang said. “This is inspiring the ICT industry to broaden our horizons and explore how we can contribute more and work together to add value to society.”

Integrating next-gen information technologies

Next-generation information technologies are developing at pace and building momentum. However, deploying advanced data sensing, transmission, storage and computing solutions in concert to address complex issues at scale requires a high level of integration and systemic innovation not possible with conventional communications technology. “The answer is to further broaden technology roadmaps with the joint development of communications, data and information technology. By integrating CT, IT and DT in their theories, standards and architecture, we can enable the organic integration of next-gen technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, big data, network and edge computing, and more, to unleash the potential of information,” Mr. Yang explained.

Integrating information services and society

The integration of next-generation information technologies into all aspects of economic and social development will drive profound changes in production methods and enable new ways of living and organizing societies. “This creates a new type of information services system, which China Mobile Group refers to as ‘Connectivity + Computing Force + Capability’. It cuts across technology and application innovation to open up blue ocean opportunities,” Mr. Yang said.

He cautions that this will require the ICT industry to shift its focus from meeting conventional communications demands to anticipating and creating demand for information services in areas like manufacturing, government and daily life. Multi-industry cooperation and joint innovation will be required, along with the cultivation of new industries and business models that leverage Industry 4.0, the metaverse and smart cities.

Mr. Yang concluded, “As the information age evolves, unlimited opportunities are on the horizon for society as a whole. China Mobile is excited to work with all sectors of society to make the global information civilization a reality for all!”