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2023-04-18 |

From Garden to Cup: China Mobile's 5G Technology Boosts Tea Industry Efficiency and Quality

As the tea industry prepares for the spring harvest, China Mobile's 5G technology is being used to transform and optimize tea garden management in various locations across China with real-time monitoring and data integration.

In Jufeng town of the Shandong province, the major production area of green tea, China Mobile and the Lanshan District Agricultural High-tech Industry Service Centre have jointly built the green tea industrial data platform. This platform enables tea garden real-time monitoring of crucial factors, such as humidity, temperature, soil moisture, pests, and disease spread. In addition to benefiting tea farmers by enhancing efficiency and quality, consumers can also track the entire tea-growing process from growth to sales and distribution via the platform. With China Mobile's 5G technology, tea gardens are becoming smarter and more efficient, leading to a bright future for the tea industry.

In Jinhua, Zhejiang province, an organic tea base benefits from the natural environment and fresh, moist air, promoting the growth of high-quality tea. China Mobile's 5G HD Panoramic Cameras monitor every single tea leaf within 500 meters, 24 hours a day, inside the base, enabling visualized monitoring of tea growth status and data management. The organic tea garden boasts frost protection fans, pest control light, monitoring, and water and fertilizer irrigation facilities that can be switched on and off at once, further enhancing efficiency.

Additionally, China Mobile has built a 5G network in the tea factory, networking all 128 sets of equipment and adding 5G communication modules to the tea-making equipment in each procedure of drying and kneading tea leaves. All production status, such as air volume, wind speed, temperature, humidity, vibration time, kneading lap, and other equipment process data, is collected and uploaded through the 5G network to the master control cloud platform for data integration and analysis. With China Mobile's 5G technology, every aspect of tea production is monitored and optimized, leading to improved quality and efficiency in the tea industry.

In the tea garden of a community in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China Mobile Smart Home Operation Centre has installed solar-powered cameras and intelligent environmental sensors. The former one can adapt to the tea garden environment without the need to pull additional wires to connect electricity to the network. Tea farmers can monitor tea growth in real time on their mobile phones. The intelligent environmental sensors with real-time alarm function allows the tea farmers to be aware of the environmental changes in temperature and humidity and find out pests and diseases as soon as possible. As a result, the “smart” efficiency of traditional tea industry can be enhanced.

In the ecological smart tea garden demonstration base located in Shiyan, Hubei province, China Mobile installed a “Smart Brain” for the base, which is the smart tea garden rural revitalization platform.

The platform can achieve video monitoring of tea growth and tea garden security. Dynamic monitoring of air, soil, water quality, pests can also be conducted to enhance the efficiency of tea garden management.

In Guigang, Guangxi province, tea farmers are gearing up to pick the new tea as more than 50,000 acres of tea trees in the base are showing their new buds. This year, a special production monitoring platform is supporting tea farmers in carrying out more accurate spring tea picking. The platform, which leverages information technology such as sensors, IoT, cloud computing, and big data, was officially used in the tea field of Jian Lu Tea on in March.

With sensors set up in the fields and mountains by China Mobile, the platform can monitor and manage soil resources, water resources, climate information, and agricultural information in the monitoring area. Through long-term monitoring, timely warnings, information sharing, and remote control of planting, the platform achieves yield and quality improvement, and green planting. With the support of China Mobile's advanced technology, tea farmers in Qiantang District are poised to maximize their harvest and improve the quality of their tea.

5G live broadcasting event to sell tea

In Hefei, Anhui province, the tea industry is developing vigorously with the help of China Mobile's 5G network and home broadband. Tea farmers in now have access to a broader market through an internet order sales model, and local brands have been established. The tea industry has become a green industry, bringing ecological and economic benefits to the town.

Meanwhile, in an organic tea planting base located in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, a live broadcasting event selling tea was held with the assistance of China Mobile staff. Despite the challenges of poor signal and internet instability in the mountain areas, China Mobile's digital intelligence technology overcame these difficulties by pulling fibres into the mountains to hold a high-resolution live broadcast.

With China Mobile's advanced technology present in every stage from tea growing to sales, the tea industry is set to thrive.