CMCC 5G Corner

2022-02-11 |

China Mobile 5G News Empowers the New Paradigm of Winter Olympics Communication

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was grandly opened on February 4th. Science and Technology Winter Olympics presented unique attractiveness of Beijing Winter Olympics.  In order to convey the Olympic spirit and present the ice and snow feast in an all-round way, during Winter Olympics, China Mobile's 5G Media Convergence Mobile Newspaper launched "Morning and Evening News-Special Issue of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics" featuring the hot spots of events, bringing rich media contents together such as audio, video, graphics and H5, and spreading the wonderful content of  Winter Olympics via 5G messages and short videos , so that users can obtain accurate game information conveniently and immersively.

5G Convergence Media Mobile Newspaper gives full credits to its technological advantages to launch the special 5G News for Winter Olympics and provide users a multi-dimensional reading experience which integrates watching, listening, reading and interaction.  5G messages break limitations on capacity and format of traditional short multimedia messages, so that users can enjoy tremendous amount of ultra-high-definition videos, pictures, hot news, and experience the surging passion of the Olympic Games anytime, anywhere.

Users can explore what they are interested in by replying on different keywords or voice messages. The 5G message chat robot can understand user needs via natural communication to provide personalized services. Special news of 5G Winter Olympics has many thematic columns, such as moments, front-line broadcast, Winter Olympics knowledge, event forecast, etc. Users can reach it with a simple click.

Under the current situation of insufficient coverage of 5G message terminals, to further enhance the user's message receiving experience, 5G Convergence Media Mobile Newspaper uses innovate video message link monitoring technology to realize the automatic fallback of 5G messages, video messages, MMS, SMS and other forms of messages. This technology can automatically monitor the information for media types (MIME) that can be supported by target terminal during or after the distribution of video message. It changes the strategy in time to continue the distribution of different types of messages and record the information to improve the success rate of distribution. During the Winter Olympics, 5G Convergence Media Mobile Newspaper launched video messages and H5 content for non-5G message end users to achieve full coverage of 5G Media Winter Olympics information.

Empower by 5G technology, 5G Convergence Mobile Newspaper will create a professional, interactive and entertaining event experience during the Beijing Winter Olympics, and promote innovative application of 5G messages with estimated more than 280million users. China Mobile will continue to explore the field of digital reading and adapt to new changes of user needs, to create an innovative and integrated culture immersion experience ecology and lead the 5G trend of digital reading industry.