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2022-03-07 |

China Mobile launched 5G intelligent communication for athletes of Winter Paralympics

The National Stadium once again lit the blazing flame for the 13th Winter Paralympics in March. Winter paralympic athletes from more than 40 countries and regions gathered in the "Double Olympic City" to jointly start the dream journey of snow and ice.

The success of Beijing Paralympic Winter Games is the epitome of the vigorous development of the ice and snow sports for Para athletes in China. It was China’s 23rd National Ear Day prior the opening of the Winter Paralympic Games. In order to meet the communication needs of the disabled, especially the hearing impaired, China Mobile, relying on the advantages of 5G+AI, launched 5G intelligent communication to realize cross-language barrier-free communication and provide guarantee for the "Double Olympic City".

China Mobile Beijing Company and Hebei Company launched 5G intelligent communication services for athletes, news media and volunteers of Winter Paralympics based on 5G VoNR+ platform and mobile cloud resources. Through real-time voice recognition and text conversion, the service can realize intelligent real-time cross-language translation, and the measured translation accuracy rate is 98.6%.

People with hearing disabilities can see the bilingual subtitles of real-time voice subtitle through their respective screens, and obtain information equally, conveniently and with dignity. The launch of China Mobile's 5G intelligent communication has truly realized timely and barrier-free communication between disabled and healthy people, between different dialects and different languages.

In addition to achieving barrier-free communication for people with disabilities through the innovation and breakthrough of 5G intelligent communication technology, China Mobile Migu Company, as the official broadcaster of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, also provided a more humane watching environment for people with hearing impairment during the Winter Olympics —— "Caring for your hearing disability" intelligent AI subtitle function.

This function integrates voice recognition and subtitle generation, covering hundreds of events such as figure skating, short track speed skating, snowboarding and freestyle skating. After the function went virtual, numerous audiences and hearing-impaired people show positive feedback on the social platform that "this is one of the warmest functions of watching the Winter Olympics".

China Mobile, as a state-owned enterprise, actively responded to the call of a strong sports country, and built a new sport ecology with 5G new infrastructure to empower the communication of the Winter Olympic Games with science and technology, which reflected the concept of "people-oriented science and technology". By connecting the "sound" and "silent" world, China Mobile truly realized the intelligent barrier-free information communication. In the future, China Mobile will also deepen the research and development of 5G+AI technology, and actively promote the construction of information barrier-free environment to make the "unimpeded" society warmer.