2021-01-13 |

Say Hello to 2021! Start Your Virtual Marathon Journey with hi-H Now!

New Year, New Start!

It has been lots of joyful moments among hi-H community over last five years – we met, we shared, we discussed together face to face two times a year. This tradition has been broken in 2020 due to global epidemic, nevertheless, we still connect to each other through various virtual norms. Now, as we close 2020 chapter, let us all gear up and run for a better 2021 together. Although there is still a while before we literally meet, we are more than exciting to work even closer with you no matter in whatever norm.


Trust you are all rested and have been well fed over the festive holiday, so what better way to start the year with the hi-H5 Virtual Marathon - we know, we are excited too!

It’s time to go for four double two - 42.2km in 2 months; which is around 700m a day. Easy-peasy right? Remember to record every short or long journey, run or walk.

As a hi-H member, we know you can achieve so much more, than just 42.2km so let’s see how far we can go as a team in 2021.

Our leaders from the international telecoms sector have a message for you, please check out here.


DON'T forget!

Share your sweaty snapshots, breath-taking landscapes or your reward after your workout via the app on the way.

We will share team highlights regularly and what we have achieved.

On your marks, get set, GO!


Not Join Yet? You Are Just One Click Away!

Register here:

Between Jan 1 and Feb 28, 2021, we invite you to record your workout (walk or run) and distance on our virtual platform. Every step counts, going to supermarket, walking the dog or even catching the bus - but only if you upload.

If you encounter any question during registration, please contact hi-H Program Cooperation Office

We look forward to bumping into you during our virtual marathon!