CMCC 5G Corner

2022-04-19 |

5G Enables Smart Healthcare Services

After the recent 5G Smart Health Care equipment upgrade at People’s Hospital of Yingshan county, a patient named Wang shared positive feedback on their experience.

 “In the past, I needed to page the nurse after an infusion. Now nurses can monitor my status via the backend system, so nurses, patients and their family do not have run around for test results. This new one-stop medical cart service makes our life easier.”

Last year, China Mobile Hubei launched this 5G Smart Medical Project with People’s Hospital in Yingshan county.

The ongoing project has launched a dedicated 5G health care website to fulfill high volume data traffic for core business development at the hospital.

At the same time, 5G smart ambulance, 5G medical cart, remote consultation and other applications were built to minimize the barriers created by long distances between facilities and patients. It’s sparked an exciting new approach to healthcare in the countryside.

With the 5G Smart Medical Center, there are two mobile medical facilities, “Mobile Nurse Station” and “5G Nursing Cart”.

Following guidelines, both mobile facilities cooperate through the 5G network to deliver real time information wherever incidents happen. It boosts medical staff productivity and enhances diagnosis and therapeutic efficiency.

There are 217 5G Wi-Fi hotspots installed in 4 buildings of the hospital, which convert the 5G dedicated network into Wi-Fi to provide full coverage on the wards and deliver the dedicated 5G network essential for a 5G medical care facility.

China Mobile’s Hubei representative says: “We built a flexible, scalable and reliable network structure and fully utilized the synergy advantages of China Mobile’s cloud network convergence and cloud edge. This enhanced the service boundary and capability of smart medical applications to ensure the integration of end, network and cloud, provide standard security services, ensure the security of medical business data, and we laid a foundation for the expansion and interconnection for later 5G medical applications.”

In the post-pandemic era, with the continuous development and popularization of 5G technology, and the extensive combination of 5G with cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence applications such as remote consultation, intelligent consultation, more smart hospital management applications are being identified in  in Hubei.

In addition, 5G networks with high speed, large bandwidth and low latency, can solve the problem of real-time high-definition image data transmission. For example, a 5G network can transmit a high-definition video  from an ambulance live to a 5G green ‘pre-hospital first aid’ path to provide medical support for critically ill patients, expedite the diagnostic process and save more lives.

With the support of 5G, medical staff can send patient’s real time physiological data from an ambulance to the emergency center. Doctor can preview a patient’s condition through high-resolution video and make the optimal diagnosis and treatment, which relieves the pressure on ambulance crew to a certain extent.

Saving patients can be more efficient with data. China Mobile Hubei will continue to build remote consultation and other systems with 5G, so patients can get virtual medical guidance from well-known experts in major hospitals. It will continue to explore, and applications based on 5G network such as VR visiting, medical robot, 5G remote surgery, and remote ultrasound. The advanced technology achieves ‘information running to save patient time’, efficiently improves service quality, and upgrade medical care standards in Hubei.