CMCC 5G Corner

2021-12-21 |

China Mobile Announces 5G BeiDou Automated Smart Port 2.0 Plan with Industry Partners

China Mobile, COSCO Shipping Group and Dongfeng Motor Group have jointly announced their commercial operation plans for the 5G + BeiDou + Unmanned Smart Port 2.0 project, and officially launched the first commercial operations of smart port 2.0 in December 2021.

The 5G enabled BeiDou automated Smart Port 2.0 will initially be implemented at Xiamen Yuanhai Container Terminal, China's first fully automated container terminal.

China Mobile is determined to contribute to the development of the digital economy and the application of 5G technology and the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System has considerable potential to increase efficiency in the port industry worldwide.

By expanding its 5G network coverage and extending 5G capacity, China Mobile will collaborate with partners to accelerate the rollout of smart port 2.0 at offshore terminals, and advance Xiamen Yuanhai Container Terminal’s digital technology capabilities. This will include artificial intelligence, edge computing, and the use of high-precision positioning to facilitate remote control of machinery, smart tally and unmanned transportation. The smart port 2.0 project will unleash the huge potential of technology and data to fully support intelligent productivity for more efficient, safer and greener smart ports.

China Mobile is fully committed to developing this new infrastructure, integrating new elements and creating synergy to build an innovative information service system of "connectivity + computation + capability". In the future, China Mobile will work alongside its partners to further develop and upgrade port technology. Following the rollout of 5G + BeiDou +Automated Smart Port 2.0 in Xiamen, the technology is expected to make a pioneering contribution to the digitalization of more smart ports and the development of the shipping and logistics industry.