CMCC 5G Corner

2022-02-28 |

"New Tech Order"--China Mobile Sharing at MWC 2022

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2022 unveiled on 28 Feb. Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, attended the opening ceremony virtually and gave speech entitled “Join Forces on Computing and Network Coverage Innovation, Expand Together the Blue Ocean of Information Services”.

Yang Jie mentioned that the Beijing Olympic Winter Games presented a green, high-tech and culture feast to the world. It showcased a huge potential in new generation of information technology to build a better future for mankind, and share some inspirations on industry development.

First, the scope of network connectivity is converging and expanding towards “human + machine + thing”. The further development of 5G accelerates the building of tens of billions of intelligent “human + machine + thing” connectivity. At the same time, machine vision and audition, syntouch are becoming the main models of information interaction.

Second, the form of infrastructure is being upgraded into computing and network convergence. There is a massive increased demand on information interaction, integrated computing force and network infrastructure, which require the network to sense, schedule and orchestrate the computing force, accelerate the converged innovation and share of network, cloud, data, AI security, terminals, blockchain (ABCDNETS).

Third, the economic and social development are evolving towards the convergence of virtuality and reality. With the expanded connectivity and upgraded infrastructure, new business models such as metaverse emerges, enhancement on digital and reality with a broader space for human development, is taken shape at an accelerated pace.

Facing the new changes, China Mobile proposed a world-class information services and sci-tech innovation enterprise. Being committed to building a new information service system of 5G + Computing Force Network + Ability as a Service for “Connectivity, Computing Force and Capability”, and we will build new models for value growth.

1. Build premium quality 5G network with high-speed, mobile, secure and ubiquitous “connectivity services”. We will strengthen the construction of 5G+ gigabit fiber network, deepen multi-frequency collaboration, co-construction and sharing, improve 5G private networks, and support the scaled expansion of 5G applications. By the end of 2022, we are expected to roll out a total of over one million 5G base stations, exceed 330 millions subscribers on 5G network, and 5G commercial use cases to be more than ten thousand.

2. Build wall to wall and converged computing force network; develop one-point-access and on-demand “computing force services”. We advance the efficient convergence for computing force in physical, logical and heterogeneous spaces, develop a Computing Force Network Brain that integrates computing force, network scheduling and orchestration, drive computing force to become essential services like water and electricity. In 2022, we aim to realize the resource and system interoperability, as well as integrated services of the computing force and network. We recently combined computing force network with the concept of metaverse to launch various ice and snow technology applications, such as digital icon of sports stars, XR studio, AR ice and snow town etc., to promote the ice and snow sports.

3. Build open and shared smart middle platforms (AaaS) to provide “capability services” which are uniformly encapsulated and flexibly accessed. We will fully gather internal and external high-quality capabilities and high-value data to build the smart middle platforms as industry benchmark. Internally, we will focus on intelligent empowerment in areas like product innovation, operation and management. Externally, we will develop an “AaaS+” development ecosystem to support the Digital-intelligent. By the end of this year, more than 350 capabilities will be aggregated, and the annual KPI to exceed 100 billions usage.

Yang Jie indicated, with “Connectivity + Computing Force + Capability” as a pioneering and systematic endeavor. It helps the industry to strive the sustainable and high-quality development. 

China Mobile committed to work with all sectors of society and join forces to unleash the infinite potential of the new generation information technology.