CMCC 5G Corner

2022-11-22 |

China Mobile Recreates Heritage Sites through a Combination of 5G, AR and VR Technologies

The tourism industry continues to discover new ways to engage with public, and that is how virtual tours emerged. Virtual tours allow tourists to interact with intangible cultural heritages, especially those that no longer exist. China Mobile’s 5G technology not only support sophisticated tourist services but also combined with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to recreate heritage sites, where tourists can fully immerse in ancient sites and engage in 360-degree storytelling.

Through the recreation of ancient heritage sites through the aforementioned technologies, China Mobile aims to create astonishing visual effects to demonstrate the destination’s cultural characteristics. The audiences of these virtual tours can get a view of how heritage sites looked back in the years of former glory along with back stories of their historical backgrounds, accompanied by audio, visual and sensory experiences, creating a truly immersive cultural preservation and a ‘walk through history’ experience.

China Mobile achieves these through its 5G network to deliver the VR and AR experience while compensating for the shortfalls of high latency, nauseous experience, slow loading speed and blurry rendering. China Mobile’s 5G network can handle high network traffic to bring clearer and more lively snippets of heritage sites with high bandwidth and low latency.

China Mobile’s XR industry cloud platform commands AR and VR, supporting real-time playing and AR functions can be launched with precise integration with resources management, resources auditing and coordination. As recreating the heritages requires strong dependence on hardware, China Mobile’s 5G terminal application can combine AR map recognition with explanations and AR portals to allow virtual characters to explain the ruins. China Mobile Chengdu Research Institute had built an XR industry platform that can showcase the authentic view of the heritages in high quality.

Our capability in big data allows users to coordinate resources to launch promotion campaigns that can be delivered rapidly to the end-users to attract customers and create better publicity for cultural tourism.

China Mobile recently supported the industry’s first VR project for the Jinggang Mountain Red Tourism board through its 5G network, recreating the historical sites and enabling tourists to enjoy a hands-on experience through smart wearables. Thanks to the high bandwidth and low latency of China Mobile’s 5G network, the experience was successfully delivered through AR and VR and awarded the honorary title of “Demonstration of 5G Smart Cultural Tourism”.

5G technology is a strong enabler in enhancing smart tourism in many ways. Not only can tourists enjoy interactive and immersive tourist experiences, but the tourism industry can also tell stories about the destination’s culture and heritage in an exciting way.  In combination with different innovative technologies like AI, cloud computing and VR, China Mobile is capable of offering hassle-free and high-quality tourist experiences, ensuring that tourists can enjoy panoramic views through VR and live streaming with a low latency 5G network.

By supporting the tourism industry’s needs in accelerating smart development through 5G technologies, China Mobile will continue to seek new and innovative ways to explore opportunities and empower the tourism industry.