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2023-12-07 |

Sustain the momentum of our new journey and enjoy the future intelligently

Sustain the momentum of our new journey and enjoy the future intelligently

As we usher in 2024, China Mobile will continue to leverage its foundation of digital connectivity and computing power networks to fuel technological innovation for a better future. In particular, Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, shared in his recent speech that the vision "Networks reach everywhere, computing power is omnipresent, and intelligence is omnipotent" is more than a slogan – it is becoming a reality with multiple efforts across different industries.

Yang highlighted that China Mobile aims to fully stimulate technological innovation, leveraging it as a driver for scientific and technological advancements. For example, it will:
   • Lead the development of computing power networks that promote computing power services that are efficient, easy to access, instant, heterogeneous, and on-demand.
   • Accelerate artificial intelligence innovation by deepening the integration of “large-scale computing power, big data, and big models” and rely on the state-owned AI platform to strengthen open cooperation and empower various industries with intelligent transformation.
   • Advance 6G research and development, promote 5G-A technology industries and promote the formation of a globally unified 6G standard system.
   • Promote the value transformation of big data, establish an optimized data networking platform and provide one-stop solutions for data circulation governance and enrich the "big data+" product system.
   • Amplify the empowering effect of the "Shared Services Platform", build national and industry-level shared services platforms and introduce high-quality capabilities through the "Analytics as a Service (AaaS)+" action plan.
   • Strengthen network security capabilities by building a strong network security active defense system and achieve internal security breakthroughs in areas such as 5G-A/6G, computing power networks, and SIM authentication.

China Mobile aims to construct a new industrial ecosystem, by deepening the integrated development of the innovative chain, industrial chain, value chain, capital chain, and talent chain. For example, it will:
   • Strengthen the innovation chain by improving collaborative innovation bases to support cooperation among industrial partners, upgrade and build the 5G Innovation Consortium and deepen the “collaborative innovation+” plan.
   • Integrate the industrial chain through the "shared chain" action and leverage platform construction, relevant mechanisms, and resource investments. Launch the "Mobile Smart Home" ecological collaboration project and the "Mobile Preferred" collaboration project to jointly explore key areas such as smart homes and intelligent terminals.
   • Aggregate the value chain by allocating appropriate resources and launching a large-scale product research and development plan.
   • Utilize the capital chain effectively by improving the collaborative mechanism of "innovation + capital," and expanding strategic investments.
   • Build an excellent talent chain by gathering innovative resources from various industries and talent resources, cultivating top-notch scientific and technological leaders and innovative teams for major scientific research tasks and creating a nurturing environment for talent growth.

In conclusion, Yang said the integrated development of data and reality requires joint efforts from all sectors of the industry. China Mobile looks forward to working with everyone to move forward.

Firstly, China Mobile is looking to gather the power of data intelligence technology to promote concerted efforts and collaborative actions among various innovative entities. It will support breakthroughs in pivotal key technologies, cultivate high-level scientific and technological innovation talents, commercialize scientific and technological achievements into benchmark projects, and support the formation of "specialized, specialized, special, and new" enterprises.

Secondly, it will jointly develop integration services to bridge the digital and physical worlds, relying on the new information service system of "connectivity + calculus + capability", continue to enrich digital and intellectual applications for production, life and governance scenarios, jointly build outstanding products, innovate business models, carry out application demonstrations, and promote the integration of information services into all industries and services for the general public.

Third, it will advocate global industrial collaboration, make good use of various international exchange and cooperation platforms, enhance the level of global information infrastructure interconnection and interoperability, promote the integration and innovation of new-generation information technology and its evolution and upgrading, and make efforts to realize the unification of standards, interconnection of applications, reuse of capabilities, and industrial co-progress.

Finally, China Mobile will build a security barrier for cyber information, coordinate development and security, and, while safeguarding network and information security, strengthening the follow-up research and judgment of institutional rules and forward-looking research on legal issues in view of the digital-reality integration and symbiosis, so as to jointly build a strong community in cyberspace.