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2023-12-19 |

Start a new journey and enjoy the future intelligently

Start a new journey and enjoy the future intelligently

As year-end approaches, China Mobile is building a new model of information infrastructure to promote the digital transformation of society.

Throughout 2023, China Mobile has continued to strengthen the foundation of digital connectivity, establishing the world's largest 5G and gigabit broadband network, with nearly 1.9 million 5G base stations and gigabit fiber networks covering 390 million households. The number of 5G subscribers has reached 750 million, with a total of over 3.3 billion connections.

China Mobile is also leading the development of computing power networks. Its original technology "computing power routing" has gained international consensus. It has constructed a three-tier low-latency computing power service network, built large-scale centralized intelligent computing centers, and launched application services such as "east computing, west storage" and "east view, west rendering." Its computing power network has transitioned from conceptual prototypes to industrial practice.

At the same time, China Mobile has been continuously activating the efficiency of its capability middleware. It has built an open and shared capability middleware with a monthly call volume exceeding 43 billion times.

In a recent speech, Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile said the vision "Networks reach everywhere, computing power is omnipresent, and intelligence is omnipotent" is gradually becoming a reality, supporting the vigorous development of the digital economy, and promoting the company's transformation and development.

Yang pointed out that with the further development of technological revolution and industrial transformation, the new generation of information technology is expanding and accelerating the formation of a new growth engine.
   • Data is now a factor of production, continuously enhancing the allocation efficiency of traditional economic factors such as land, labor, and capital, and accelerating the large-scale integration of social resources, the extensive expansion of service areas, and the reshaping of various aspects of production, distribution, exchange, and consumption.
   • Computing power has become a new basic source of “energy”, driving an explosive growth in the total scale of computing power and rapid increases in demand for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence (AI).
   • AI has become a new production tool and is evolving from assisting various industries to improve efficiency, to being an indispensable core capability for supporting social transformation and development and promises a twofold increase in productivity.

In addition, enhanced collaboration between industry, academia, research, and application can accelerate the formation of new innovation paradigms.
   • This should lead to more breakthroughs in source-driven technology and overcoming industry bottlenecks, as scientific and technological innovation play a cross-industry role drive more positive outcomes.
   • The role of enterprise innovation will be increasingly prominent as the main driver of digital transformation.

As the integration of digital and physical domains promotes the mutual advancement of both fields, it will accelerate the discovery of new areas for economic and social development.
   • New modes of business and new applications will continue to emerge. In various fields such as live eCommerce and sports events, new models driven by digital-savvy individuals and the metaverse are promoted, constantly giving rise to new industries, new forms, and new models.
   • Through collaboration with industry partners China Mobile will continue to promote the integration and innovation of new generation information technologies such as 5G, computing power networks, and artificial intelligence. It will collaborate with industry players to build high-standard infrastructure, provide high-quality information supply, promote high-level scientific and technological innovation, and construct an intelligent industrial ecosystem. This will provide strong support for promoting the deep integration of the digital and physical realms.

China Mobile aims to advance the construction of digital infrastructure.

While increasing resource investment and continuously strengthening the new form of world-leading information infrastructure, for smooth digital transformation of the entire society, it will:
   • Focus on building leading-edge "dual gigabit" connectivity, conducting pilot projects for technologies such as integrated sensing and passive IoT under 5G-A, comprehensively enhancing the perception capabilities of 5G networks. It will also precisely deploy 10G PON resources to improve end-to-end capabilities and create high-quality gigabit broadband networks.
   • Focus on constructing a unified and integrated computing power network, deepening the layout of "4+N+31+X" data centers and strengthening the synergy between eastern and western computing power. Also accelerating the construction of large-scale intelligent computing training centers and edge computing power and enhancing the diverse supply of computing power. It will also promote the construction of computing power optical networks, achieve commercial use of 400G OTN (Optical Transport Network) interprovincial backbone networks, and strive to build a three-level latency circle.
   • Prioritize strengthening the global connectivity of international networks, by improving the global layout of "routes, stations, and islands," expanding outbound routing, promoting the export of high-quality products and capabilities, and rapidly enhancing international connectivity.
   • Plan to forge new comprehensive digital services. China Mobile will enhance the supply capacity of information services to ensure that more people can benefit more from the shared achievements of informatization development.
   • Expand scenario-based digital services comprehensively. Examples include enriching digitalized lifestyles, upgrading distinctive products such as Migu Video, Mobile Cloud Drive, cloud gaming, and Super SIM, and creating a new form of end-to-end digital experience for "people, vehicles, and homes."
   • Promote digitalized production. China Mobile will focus on vertical fields, and jointly promote mobile cloud and 5G industry innovation applications. Also promoting digitalized governance, accelerating the scale promotion of mature products such as digital government, smart cities, and digital villages.
   • Optimize various forms of digital services. For example, China Mobile will scale up the promotion of 5G new calling to create a smarter communication experience, innovate product forms such as naked-eye 3D, digital intelligence, and cloud XR to provide immersive sensory experiences, and enrich terminal products such as cloud phones, cloud high-definition, and powerful storefront hosts, upgrade video networking applications, and provide diversified network computing experiences.
   • Strengthen cross-domain digital services, by accelerating the upgrade of capable platforms such as 5G messaging, its all-in-one application Hejiaqin, which supports the interconnection between smart devices within a family, and the 9-one plan, a one-stop platform for 5G "private network + terminal + platform + application”. It could also build a "product array" for digital services, forming a product system with billions, tens of billions, and hundreds of billions of revenues to better meet, lead, and create market demands.