2019-07-24 | Hong Kong

Viettel officially becomes 26th member of Hand-in-Hand Program

Hong Kong,
24th July 2019 - Viettel Business Solutions (VTS) and China Mobile International (CMI) signed a memorandum of understanding to formalize the Vietnam-headquartered mobile network operator’s membership in the Program.

Based in Vietnam, Viettel has had a significant presence in 11 countries and a customer base that includes more than 110 million accesses around the world in Asia, Africa and America. Other than Telecommunications, Viettel also participates in Research and Production of Hi-End Technology and some other categories such as Posts, Construction, Commerce, Importing and Exporting, IDC. Being a new member of Viettel group, VTS focuses on investing technology, applying the newest, most modern ones, in combination with sector knowledge to address and solve specific problems of the society.

With the inking of the MoU, Viettel becomes the 26th hi-H Member, further expanding the Program’s global footprint.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Ho, General Director of VTS, said, “We are very excited to join the hi-H Program and are looking forward to the engaging discussions about and around the next generation of telecommunications technology.  There’s no better time than now for the industry to come together and collectively decide towards which direction we should move. The hi-H Program provides the perfect platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.”

Mr. Shen Weizhong, Director & EVP of CMI, said, “We would like to extend our warmest welcome to our newest hi-H Member and Vietnam’s largest telecom operator Viettel. Southeast Asia is a market brimming with enormous potential that remains yet untapped. Viettel’s unique perspectives will drive insightful conversations about operating in the region and we cannot wait to hear more from them.”

As hi-H’s first Vietnam Member, Viettel brings insights into one of the fastest-growing telecom markets in the world. Their presence and knowledge of the region will undoubtedly prove invaluable to hi-H Members that are looking to expand or improve their own offerings there.

Base on collaboration between Viettel and current experts in the program, sharing knowledge, studying new areas together as well as supporting common development initiatives would be stimulated.

Simultaneously, this is also a chance for Viettel, CMI and other members of the program to strengthen relationship, thereby creating new business opportunities.

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hi-H Program was initiated by China Mobile International and launched in Shanghai on 14th July 2015. Since launch, this non-exclusive partnership platform has attracted active involvement from various industry counterparts which to acknowledge its main principles of “hi-H: Openness, Connection, and Collaboration”. The Program aims to form an integrated platform involving an expanding group of international partners with the intentions of reaching win-win partnership benefits and providing seamless services to customers. Through cross-industry collaboration, it is believed that the global digital work and life experience of individuals and corporates can be further enriched without boundary. For more information, please visit

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