2019-11-14 | Guangzhou

hi-H Program hosted 5G+IoT Workshop At China Mobile Global Partner Conference 2019

On 14 November, Guangzhou, Hand in Hand Program (hi-H Program) successfully hosted its 5G+IoT workshop together with the networking dinner in Guangzhou during China Mobile Global Partner Conference 2019 period. Topic of 5G+IoT derives from hi-H’s 5G Initiative launched during MWC Shanghai 2019, in which hi-H Members will cooperate and pool their expertise in 5G technology with an aim to help equip one another for the 5G era.

A total of 80 guests from 23 global corporations participated in this workshop. Guest speakers from KT, CMRI (Shanghai), CMDC and CMI have delivered their competent insights on the topic of 5G+IoT, which attracted heated discussion and active involvement from members present.

Mr. Alex Kim, Senior Manager of Mobile Service from KT Corporation has delivered an in-depth sharing on KT’s 5G development update, pricing plan together with roaming strategy. A lineup of speaker from China Mobile has further elaborated the potential and pain point from device, autonomous vehicles and IoT solutions in the perspective of mobile operator.

This workshop has received high praise from its attendees, from organization to workshop contents. hi-H Program will keep its connection with members through the ongoing workshops, the partnership will lead to synergy which will keep benefiting all parties in long run. 

5G Initiative:

In anticipation of the upcoming 5G boom, the hi-H Program created the 5G Initiative to help Members navigate the complexities of deploying 5G services. The 5G Initiative focuses on three key areas of development, which are 5G+Ecosystem, 5G+Roaming and 5G+IoT. 

5G will have unprecedented and far-reaching effects on virtually all industries. Under the initiative, hi-H Members will work together to support the new ecosystem brought together by the next generation of communications technology. It will also serve as a platform to facilitate discussions around 5G to help Members move forward with their 5G roaming service roadmap. Finally, in light of the wave of IoT devices that are on the horizon, hi-H Program will also keep Members abreast on the latest IoT developments, and help them build a more integrated IoT ecosystem.

About Hand-in-Hand Program:

Established in 2015 by China Mobile International, the Hand-in-Hand Program (“hi-H Program”) is a global partnership initiative which brings together various organizations from across the telecoms sector under the shared vision of providing seamless, borderless products and services worldwide. By gathering major players from different sectors together, hi-H combines strengths from across the industry to enhance each member’s ability to overcome challenges and adapt to industry changes. For more information, please visit

About China Mobile International Limited:

China Mobile International Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile, the world’s largest telecommunications operator in terms of network scale, customer base and market value. Leveraging the strong support by China Mobile, CMI provides a full range of comprehensive international telecommunications services iConnect including voice, SMS, Mobile and Data services, and all-encompassing carrier solution China Connect. CMI aims to bring customers with seamless, carefree, borderless digital life. For more information, please visit